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Matt Hanna


Composer Music Type Video /
Henle Edit
AdamsJohnPhrygian Gates12--
BachJohann SebastianPrelude and Fugue No. 1 in C MajorPrelude and Fugue11-5*
BeethovenLudwig vanPiano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ Minor, Op. 27, No. 2 (Moonlight Sonata, Quasi una fantasia)Sonata1197
ChopinFrédéricNocturne No. 15 in F Minor, Op. 55, No. 1Nocturne9-5.5
ChopinFrédéricNocturne No. 4 in F Major, Op. 15, No. 1Nocturne10-6.5
DebussyClaudePassepied, No. 410-6
DebussyClaudeDoctor Gradus ad Parnassum, No. 110-6
DebussyClaudeMenuet, No. 210-6
DebussyClaudeSerenade for the Doll, No. 310-5.5
DebussyClaudePrélude, No. 11086
DebussyClaudeThe Snow is Dancing, No. 410-6
DebussyClaudeGolliwogg's Cakewalk, No. 69-5.5
DebussyClaudeJimbo's Lullaby, No. 28-4.5
DebussyClaudeClair de lune, No. 310-5
DebussyClaudeThe Little Shepherd, No. 58-4
DebussyClaudeLa cathédrale engloutie: Profondément calme (The Submerged Cathedral), No. 10Prélude1196
MozartWolfgang AmadeusPiano Sonata No. 16 in C MajorSonata8*--
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichPoetico, Op. 22, No. 17---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichDolente, Op. 22, No. 16---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichInquieto, Op. 22, No. 15---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichFeroce, Op. 22, No. 14---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichAllegretto, Op. 22, No. 13---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichAssai moderato, Op. 22, No. 12---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichRidicolosamente, Op. 22, No. 10---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichAllegro tranquillo, Op. 22, No. 9---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichComodo, Op. 22, No. 8---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichPittoresco (Arpa), Op. 22, No. 7---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichCon eleganza, Op. 22, No. 6---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichMolto giocoso, Op. 22, No. 5---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichAllegretto, Op. 22, No. 3---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichAnimato, Op. 22, No. 4---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichAndante, Op. 22, No. 2---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichLento irrealmente, Op. 22, No. 20---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichPresto agitatissimo e molto accentuato, Op. 22, No. 19---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichLentamente, Op. 22, No. 1---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichCon una dolce lentezza, Op. 22, No. 18---
ProkofievSergei SergeyevichCon vivacità, Op. 22, No. 11117-
RavelMauriceLa vallée des cloches (The Valley of Bells), No. 511--
RavelMauriceAlborada del gracioso (The Gracioso's Aubade), No. 411--
RavelMauriceUne barque sur l'océan (A boat on the Ocean), No. 312--
RavelMauriceOiseaux tristes (Sad Birds), No. 211--
RavelMauriceNoctuelles (Night Moths), No. 111--
ShostakovichDmitriPrelude and Fugue in D Major, Op. 87, No. 5Prelude and Fugue-8-

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