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J. Wood

A Musical Meddler.


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Henle Edit
BachJohann SebastianPrelude and Fugue No. 1 in C MajorPrelude and Fugue11-5*
BachJohann SebastianCapriccio sopra la lontananza del suo fratello dilettissimo (Capriccio on the Departure of his Beloved Brother)Caprice10*--
BachJohann SebastianSinfonia No. 2 in C Minor, No. 2Invention9--
BachJohann SebastianSinfonia No. 5 in E♭ Major, No. 5Invention9--
BachJohann SebastianSinfonia No. 10 in G Major, No. 10Invention9--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 13 in A Minor, No. 13Invention8--
BachJohann SebastianSinfonia No. 11 in G Minor, No. 11Invention9--
BachJohann SebastianSinfonia No. 15 in B Minor, No. 15Invention9--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 1 in C Major, No. 1Invention7--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 10 in G Major, No. 10Invention8--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 9 in F Minor, No. 9Invention8--
BachJohann SebastianToccata No. 4Toccata11--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 4 in D Minor, No. 4Invention8--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 8 in F Major, No. 8Invention8--
BachJohann SebastianFrench Suite in E Major, No. 6Suite10*--
BachJohann SebastianInvention No. 14 in B♭ Major, No. 14Invention86-
BachCarl Philipp EmanuelSolfegtetto8--
BartókBélaEste a székelyeknél (Evening at the Village)8--
BeethovenLudwig van6 Variations in G Minor (Six easy variations for piano on an original theme)Variation9--
BeethovenLudwig van6 Variations on "Nel cor piu non mi sento" (Why feels my heart so dormant, from La molinara by Paisiello )Variation9--
BrahmsJohannesIntermezzo in F Minor, Op. 118, No. 4, Allegretto un poco agitatoIntermezzo10-6
Carl AlbertLoeschhornSong of the Waterfall8--
ChopinFrédéricNocturne No. 6 in G Minor, Op. 15, No. 3Nocturne8-4.5
ChopinFrédéricWaltz in D♭ Major, Op. 64, No. 1 (Minute Waltz)Waltz9-5.5
ChopinFrédéricPrelude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4Prélude7-4
ChopinFrédéricMazurka in F Major, Op. 68, No. 3Mazurka5-3.5
ChopinFrédéricWaltz in A MinorWaltz6-3
ChopinFrédéricWaltz in C♯ Minor, Op. 64, No. 2Waltz9-5.5
ChopinFrédéricPrelude in D♭ Major, Op. 28, No. 15 (Raindrop Prelude)Prélude9-5
ChopinFrédéricÉtude in F Minor, No. 1Étude-96
ChopinFrédéricPrelude in C Minor, Op. 28, No. 20Prélude6-3.5
DebussyClaudeClair de lune, No. 310-5
DebussyClaudeArabesque, No. 2, Allegretto scherzando10-4
DebussyClaudeArabesque, No. 1, Andantino con moto10-4
DebussyClaudePassepied, No. 410-6
DebussyClaudeDoctor Gradus ad Parnassum, No. 110-6
FieldJohnNocturne No. 5 in B♭ MajorNocturne8--
HändelGeorg FriedrichSuite in D Minor No. HWV 328 in D Minor, Presto (Prelude)Suite9*--
HändelGeorg FriedrichSuite in G Minor, No. 7Suite12--
HaydnFranz JosephPiano Sonata in D MajorSonata9*--
HaydnFranz JosephPiano Sonata in C Major (English)Sonata11--
HaydnFranz JosephDivertimento in G MajorSonata6*--
HofmannHeinrich Karl JohannIn the Evening, Op. 88, No. 28--
KuhlauFriedrichSonatina in C Major, Op. 55, No. 6Sonatina8*--
KuhlauFriedrichSonatina in F Major, Op. 20, No. 3Sonatina8*--
KuhlauFriedrichSonatina in G Major, Op. 20, No. 2Sonatina8*--
MendelssohnFelixLieder ohne Worte in F Major, Op. 85, No. 1, Andante espressivo9--
MendelssohnFelixLieder ohne Worte in C Major, Op. 102, No. 3, Presto---
MoszkowskiMoritzÉtude in C Major, Op. 72, No. 4, Allegro ModeratoÉtude10--
MoszkowskiMoritzÉtude, Op. 91, No. 5, AnimatoÉtude9--
MoszkowskiMoritzÉtude, Op. 91, No. 20, Allegro ModeratoÉtude9--
MoszkowskiMoritzÉtude No. 2, Op. 91, No. 6, Allegro ma non troppoÉtude9--
MozartWolfgang AmadeusPiano Sonata No. 16 in C MajorSonata8*--
ParibeniGiulio CesareStudy No. 13, Andantino (Ingressus)Étude8--
Saint-SaënsCamillePrelude for the left hand, Op. 135, No. 1, Alegretto moderatoPrélude10--
SatieErikLent et grave (Slow and Grave) in D Major, No. 38--
SatieErikLent et triste (Slow and Sad), No. 28--
SatieErikLent et douloureux (Slow and Painful), No. 18--
SatieErikGnossienne No. 1---
SatieErikGnossienne No. 2---
SatieErikGnossienne No. 38--
SchubertFranz in C♯ Minor, Op. 94, No. 4, Moderato10--
SchubertFranz in F Minor, Op. 94, No. 3, Allegro moderato9--
SchubertFranzImpromptu in A♭ Major, Op. 90, No. 4Impromptu10-5.5
SchubertFranzImpromptu in E♭ Major, Op. 90, No. 2Impromptu10-6
SchumannRobertFremder Mann (The stranger) in D Minor, Op. 68, No. 298-4.5
SchumannRobertFantasietanz, Op. 124, No. 5---
ScriabinAlexanderPrélude for Piano, left hand, Op. 9Prélude--5
TchaikovskyPyotr IlyichThe Nutcracker, Op. 71Ballet---
TchaikovskyPyotr IlyichThe Doll's Funeral, Op. 39, No. 74--
TelemannGeorg PhilippFantasia in D MinorFantasy8--

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